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Welcome to the Retreat Alliance member application form! Please carefuly review the information below. By submitting the form below, you are indicating that you agree with the framework for the alliance, which is as follows:

Our ministry affirms that:

  • We are a retreat ministry focused on providing accommodations for pastors, ministers, missionaries, and/or other vocational Christian workers for the purpose of rest, recreation, spiritual renewal, encouragement, counseling, coaching, and/or therapy.

  • Our statement of faith is in line with the National Association of Evangelicals (

  • We strive to provide facilities and/or services based on a model of excellence and that are consistent with our advertisements and public communications.

  • We affirm that the Retreat Alliance offers us an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations, and we desire to do so in a spirit of cooperation to better accomplish our mission.

Please fill out the form below to formally submit your information to join Retreat Alliance. The fee is $175 for the first full year, which runs from Sep. 15, 2023 to Sep. 14, 2024. The fee is not pro-rated, but a retreat ministry that joins the alliance in the first year will be considered a Founding Member. The fee can be paid via credit card on the next page after submitting the form. 

Members are given access to the member portal which includes digital copies of our logo, ordering information for the Retreat Alliance rack cards, and more. 

Thank you!

Oliver Dossmann

Ministry Contact Person
Ministry Information 
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